Meetings at Ooty - Elk Hill, A Sterling Holidays Resort

The Ooty - Elk Hill, A Sterling Holidays Resort is the perfect venue to host your corporate events. Be it conferences, seminars or workshops, this 2800 sq. ft. conference hall is equipped to offer you the best event hosting experience. The hall has a seating capacity of up to 400 people.

Facilities at the Conference Hall

  • Lapel mikes (collar mikes)
  • Sound system (3-amplifer, 400 Watt output, 6-speaker, 1 DJ Mixer, 3 Audio CD players, 1 MP3 player)
  • Projection screen
  • WebEx facilities
  • LCD Projector can be arranged on rent

Business Centre

Sterling Elk Hill Resort, Ooty Ooty Mini Conference Hall01 Ooty - Elk Hill - 201508

The resort also has a Business Centre for smaller events. It is ideal for boardroom meetings, corporate interviews and small corporate events. The Business Centre has:

  • A mini interview office
  • A mini boardroom
  • Photocopying facilities
  • Fax facilities

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